White Spots On Teeth, Are They Fluorosis?

Commonly, white spots on teeth is a sign of dental fluorosis. It is a tooth disease generally occurs. Dental fluorosis is one of the symptoms that appear when someone gets in excess fluorine intake. Dental Fluorosis is a clear indication of an excess of fluorine in childhood when mineralized is in progress and this effect is not visible if the excess fluorine occurs when teeth already fully grown. Dental Fluorosis is also known as mottled enamel.

Scientifically, dental fluorosis is qualitative damage of enamel that is the impact of an increase in the concentration of fluorine in the ameloblast during the development of teeth -  or during the formation of dental enamel. Dental Fluorosis will cause discoloration of the teeth become pale and blurry. In more severe fluorosis, besides the colour is darker, the enamel of teeth become brittle.

Basically, fluorine is required to prevent cavities, if it’s in the right amount. But, when someone gets in excess fluorine intake, instead of the benefits derived, but the losses will be obtained, like getting dental fluorosis.

According to the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice in September of 2005, an increase in the occurrence of cavities in line with the severity of dental fluorosis. Based on that, avoiding the occurrence of dental fluorosis can be done by reducing the dose of fluorine in drinking water, use a toothpaste that does not contain fluor or in doses of intensity as minimum as possible for children.

If your teeth are already exposed to mild to moderate fluorosis, a clinical sign was just a white spots on teeth, then email the treatment that can be done is to do patching (with patches that have the same color with teeth) or making the veneers for teeth. If your teeth are already perforated and cause tremendous pain, the thing to do is visit your dentist for dental root canal treatment.

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