Q & A About Using Braces on Teeth

Using braces cannot be done arbitrarily. Because the use of dental braces should be based on a diagnosis to determine the type, treatment, and duration of use. Here are some common questions about dental braces that can help you use the braces optimally.

Q: How long braces should be used?

A: Braces user usually requires a year to two years before getting maximum results. However, the use of braces can also take longer if the condition of the teeth more "messy".

Q: When braces users should meet a dentist?

A: If the reason you wear braces is to tidy up your teeth, then you have to follow any rules in teeth care so the braces can be removed on time. For example, every 6-8 weeks, braces users should be examined by a dentist as well as ensuring the braces are in a right function. Without a routine examination of the doctor, the use of the braces can be longer.

Q: Why does the mouth feel pain when you wear braces at the first time?

A: At the beginning of braces mounting, pain in the mouth is normal and occurs over several days. Teeth also to ache because braces are pressing your teeth. Likewise, when you do a braces tightening at the dentist. However, this pain can be relieved with medications containing ibuprofen.

Q: Why the use of your teeth braces cause mouth sores?

A: The use of braces can cause mouth sores. Usually, the doctor will give ortho wax to coat the braces that are sharp and sticking.

Q: Is the speech will be affected when wearing braces?

A: When the first braces mounted on your teeth and when you do braces toning, the way to talk and say will be slightly changed. For example, became slightly slurred. However, this usually occurs within a few days.

Q: What are some things that should be avoided during the use of braces?

A: You should eat soft foods while wearing braces. Avoid sticky foods, or foods that are dense and contains a lot of sugar. Chewing gum and foods that need to be chewed or cut with your teeth should be avoided. Special drinks, avoid sodas and natural fruit juices because they contain high sugar and acid.

Q: Why braces care important?

A: Although it takes time and lots of effort, dental care while using braces will protect your teeth from gum disease, teeth loss, until decalcification or raised white spots on the teeth after your braces removed.

Q: What are the tools that should be used by users?

A: Here are the tools:
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride to prevent plaque, teeth decay, and gum disease, also refreshes the breath. 
  • Toothbrush proxabrush that are small and designed specifically for users.
  • Special dental floss for users.


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