Prevent Cavities With These Healthy Habits

Cavities or dental caries experienced by many children under the age of 12 all over the world. Some reasons are the lack of dental hygiene and eating sweet and sticky foods. Usually cavities were left until decayed. So it's too late to go to the dentist because the infection has been severe and should be repealed. 

Rotten tooth can affect the whole body health. Tooth is one of the parts of the digestive system. If there is disorders, it could not chew food properly so that the stomach and intestines have to work harder.

To prevent cavities, some tips that need to be considered: 
  • Reduce sticky foods such as chocolate, sweets, etc. 
  • Brush the teeth regularly. Do that everytime you finish your eat or at least 2 times a day: morning and night before bedtime. If we do not brush the teeth, food waste for 24 hours will turn into acid. These acids become a medium for bacteria to grow.
  • Use a toothbrush that is straight and fluffy. 
  • Brush your teeth with toothpaste. 
  • Before brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth to moisturize gums.

Tooth brushing starts from back teeth, brush from the top to the bottom of the teeth with up and down movement. Start from the outside of teeth that near to cheek then followed by the inside that near to tongue. Then brush the front teeth with movement up and down as well, from the neck towards the top of the teeth. Keep the inside and outside of the teeth towards the oclusol (part chew) with movement back and forth. Do same on the upper and lower jaw.

After that, rinse your mouth to clean up debris. Toothbrush should be replaced when the bristles has already loss, damaged or widened so that uncomfortable or is no longer effective for being used as a toothbrush.

Not all parts of the teeth can be cleaned by toothbrush. Therefore, using dental floss is necessary to clean up areas which are difficult to reach by toothbrush especially the area between the teeth (interdental). Use special dental floss instead of sewing thread.

Remember to clean tartar and do regular dental checkups every 6 months.

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