How To Remove White Spots On My Teeth?

There are so many good advances in dentistry. There are also new possibilities in every year. Nowadays, there is a great way to minimize and even remove white spots on your teeth. Sometimes these white spots appear after having braces/orthodontic treatment and they are hard to be eliminated. No matter how much you whiten your teeth, they seem to stand out.

Those white spots are areas which suffer de-mineralization in the tooth. Required minerals have been depleted and cause white spots on teeth. These minerals can be restored then the white spots may disappear of fade.

The answer is to re-mineralize these areas with MI-Paste in topical application. MI-Paste is a special paste that your dentist can apply and supply you with so you can start fading and eliminating the white spots on your teeth now! MI-Paste can be used by children and adults.

MI-Paste is a one-of-a-kind product that replaces the minerals that cause the white spots and it can also helps you in producing saliva. It is the only dental product with recaldent, a special mild-derived protein (less then .01% lactose) that is a breakthrough in oral health care in helping to re-mineralize teeth.

The advantages of MI-Paste:
  • Strengthens your teeth with tooth-replenishing calcium and phosphate
  • Releases vital minerals into your mouth when and where they are needed
  • Helps condition, protect and rebuild your tooth surfaces
  • Is a water-based, sugar free crème that comes in 5 flavors!

Note, the lesions that have more diffuse borders work best with MI paste. In contrast, if the white lesions have sharp borders, tend to be less effective. A cosmetic bonding may be the only solution to remove and resurface the white lesions.

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